Motors School Certifications

Officers Mitch Wilson, P#1114, Jason Scoble, P#2160 and Paul Baldino, P#1997, recently completed HPD’s 3-week intensive motors school course and are now certified motors officers. 


Officer Wilson is currently assigned to the Traffic Unit.  Officers Scoble and Baldino have been placed on the Traffic Unit’s eligibility list for future openings in the Unit.

Left to right:  Ofc. Paul Baldino, P#1997, Ofc. Mitchell Wilson, P#1114, and Ofc. Jason Scoble, P#2160 

CRU Officers Connect with Basic High Students

CRU officers, Julio Delgado, P#1314, and Lance (Damon) Seevers, P#1362, recently represented HPD at Basic High School’s “I Can Be” career fair, speaking to students about careers in public service.


Photo, left to right: Ofc. Julio Delgado, P#1314, and Lance (Damon) Seevers, P#1362.