IACP's One Mind Pledge

   In a process that has spanned the course of three years, the Henderson Police Department was recently  recognized by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) for successful completion of the “One Mind Pledge” -- a campaign directed at efforts to ensure successful interactions between Police Officers and individuals dealing with mental illness.

    Campaign requirements included the establishment of a clearly defined and sustainable partnership with community mental health organizations, development and implementation of a model policy addressing police response to individuals affected by mental illness, and to training/certifying 100% of our HPD’s sworn and selected non-sworn staff in regard to mental health awareness.

Recent  Bike Unit Additions:

    Following the completion of a week-long Bike Certification, the following Officers have joined HPD’s Bike Unit:  Ofc. Bradley Wiens, P#2246l, Ofc. Jason Spangler, P#1317, and Ofc. Andrew Avanessian, P#2322.

Nevada HIDTA

     In a recent NV HIDTA (High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area program) Executive Board meeting, the Southern Nevada High Impact Narcotics Task Force (SNHINTF) team, consisting of six detectives and one Sergeant, conducted its annual presentation to the board.

      HPD’s Sgt. Kyle Slattery and HSI Group Supervisor Dan Bieri, presented on behalf of the SNHINTF. An overview of the team’s 2019 successes was presented which included several notable case updates, followed by HIDTA Director Keith Carter’s Director’s Report to the board which included his “2019 Best of…”.

      The SNHINTF team was listed as #1 of all NV HIDTA teams in 2019 for “most firearms seized” (113), #1 for “most cocaine seized” (8.6 kg), cited for being 2ND of all HIDTA teams in total cash seizures for 2019 ($1,048,018).

      Director Carter further advised that it was his opinion that the team was deserving of national