Remembering K-9 Vinny 

Ofc. Cyr and K-9 Vinny 060221.jpg

      Retired narcotic detector K-9 Vinny passed away on June 2, 2021. Joining HPD’s K-9 Unit in January 2011, Vinny was handled by Sgt. Craig Mancuso, P#1135. Vinny was partnered with Ofc. Christopher Cyr, P#1402, and assigned to the Southern Nevada Highway Interdiction Task Force. While working on the task force Vinny had 65 finds in the field which resulted in the seizure of  large amounts of narcotics as well as over $1,000,000.  Vinny was retired from HPD’s K-9 Unit in May 2020 due to a health condition, and subsequently adopted by Ofc. Cyr, with whom he remained until his passing.

OFc. Christopher Cyr, P#1402 and K-9 Vinny

HPA#4 Academy Graduation

HPA4 graduation photo Apr 2021.jpg

    Fifteen Police Officers and three Corrections Officers have recently successfully completed HPD's fourth Academy and have moved into Field Training in the three Patrol Commands and the Henderson Correction Facility.